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Krystal Cancun Timeshare explains that Cancun is located in Mexico at one of the country’s easternmost point and is one of Mexico’s most important tourist destinations. The city borders the Caribbean Sea and sits on the vast Yucatan peninsula which is famed for its breathtaking seashore and its famous cenotes. As a traveler in Cancun, one of the unique experiences you can try is snorkeling or diving in a cenote.

When limestone collapses and exposes a reservoir of water underneath it is called a Cenote. The term cenote derives from the Mayan word “Dzonote” which means “a sacred well.” Ancient Mayans revered cenotes and would throw precious stones in them to appease their gods in addition to making sacrifices in them. These fantastic cave-like structures contain clean, fresh water from underground rivers. Over the years, an entire network of underground caverns that connect them all.

The number of discovered cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula is over 7000. At any scale, this is an incredibly high number which would take an extremely long period to explore all of them. To make your work easier, we have listed 5 well known and famous cenotes that we recommend you to check out. Luckily most of these are found in close proximity to Cancun and can be explored on your way to the Mayan ruins.

The most famous Cenote in the city of Cancun is the IK Kil cenote which is just under a two-hour drive from the city. Take a trip to the cenote and explore the lush jungle foliage as well as fabulous caves. It is also a great place to snorkel and relish the impressive underwater formations as well as an array of aquatic life that live in the waters. Due to its clear and deep waters, it is also a great place to SCUBA dive in as well as snorkel.

Krystal Cancun Timeshare recommends visiting Cenotes of Cancun

Also located just off Highway Mex 307 south of Aventuras Akumal is the famous Cenote Dos Ojos. It is indeed one of the largest and most famous cenotes in all of Mexico. The term Dos Ojos is a Mayan word that means “two eyes.” As the name suggests this cenote is made up of two distinct pools; one where the water is crystal blue and the other is darker. The blue colored pool is perfect for snorkeling while the darker one is excellent for diving. Apart from enjoying the water, you can take a walk through the dry caves and witness bats fluttering among the stalactites.

Located just off the Tulum/Coba highway to the north is the spectacular Gran cenote that looks like a tropical underground beach with its palm tree, elephant ears, and water lily vegetation. Krystal Cancun Timeshare recommends this cenote as visibility here is very high. You can see clearly at depths of up to 60 feet below the water surface. Snorkeling is a joy here as you come face to face with underground stalagmites, turtles and various species of fish.

The Cenote El Pit is located inside the Dos Ojos national park; a jungle found 22 km north of Tulum. It is also part of the Cenote Dos Ojos and is located only about 2.8 km from it. Cenote El Pit is probably one of the best scuba diving spots in the whole of Mexico because of its depth that extends to 100 ft down. The cenote features a hydrogen sulfide cloud at 30 meters below the water surface. Below this cloud, the water gets very dark necessitating one to carry along a flashlight for added visibility.

The Cenote Azul or Blue cenote is located about 20 minutes drive from Playa del Carmen. This cenote is wholly exposed to sunlight and features clean turquoise waters. The cenote is only 26 meters deep and has an abundance of tropical fish that are a marvel to watch. The surrounding cliffs are lush with many iguanas feeding off of the vegetation but are also great places from where you can jump into the waters. It also features an underground cave that you can dive through. Krystal Cancun Timeshare suggests that a trip to one or more of these cenotes ought not to be missed on your next visit to Cancun.

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